Huawei 5G Foldable Smartphone Release Slated For 2019

Huawei CEO Richard Yu has made an official announcement for a foldable smartphone, reports Digital Trends. The announcement was delivered at the Huawei Mate 20 launch event.

“We are working on foldable phones”, Yu revealed at the event.

Rumors of a foldable 5G phone by Huawei had been circulating since July this year. However it wasn’t until now they made their goal public.

5G Technology

Huawei has been dedicated to the development of the 5G infrastructure for some time now. Unfortunately their plans were met with interference when the company was frozen out of 5G deployments in key markets, including the USA and Australia. There were concerns about the company being possibly subjected to extrajudicial conditions from the Chinese Government.

Richard Yu’s announcement suggested that the foldable 5G Huawei phone might be slated for a 2019 release. However, the CEO was reluctant to offer a set time frame for the phone, telling Digital Trends that “Maybe sometime we will launch that, but not this time.”

As we wait for the futuristic Huawei device, there are also others in the market working around the clock to bring the public a foldable smartphone. The frontrunners among them are: Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo and Lenovo all at the forefront of creating a futuristic foldable smartphone with next-generation malleable OLED displays.

Here’s what we know about them so far:

Samsung Galaxy Foldable Smartphone:

Display and Design

It looks like a prototype model with large bezels and a thicker frame. Things that are long obsolete in smartphones now. But it does add a developing folding technology, so we can expect this design drop. However, we assumed that Samsung would splash out more on creating an aesthetic final product for its Galaxy phone.

Samsung has declared it wants to be the first to release a true folding smartphone. If it does debut in early 2019, it will let Samsung claim the feat. Even with the possibility of rivals like Apple planning on intercepting this feat.

Winner is the finalized internal codename for the folding smartphone, while the LTE reference speculates that the latest Exynos chipsets will be used in this particular model since a Qualcomm Snapdragon variant would most likely be coined “winnerqlte.” The handset is also expected to sport a seven-inch display when laid out completely flat.

We can also safely assume that the device will launch with Android Pie since configuration files apparently only appear in the Android Pie framework files.

Samsung Galaxy Foldable Smartphone Price

It’s also expected to retail at a very high price ($2000 would not be a surprise at this point) and to be manufactured in limited numbers. It won’t be ‘mainstream’ in the way that the Galaxy S flagships are. Instead, it will reiterate that Samsung is still more than capable of innovation and creating something genuinely unique in the smartphone universe.

Lenovo Foldable Tablet

The Lenovo foldable tablet will sport a 13-inch display when it’s opened, and between 8 to 9 inches when folded. The technology will be sourced from LG Display according to ETNews report.

No other details have surfaced so far about the foldable tablet. No indication as to how the screen flexibility would function, no clues about the exterior of the device. We’re also in the dark about what kind of component will be utilized under the hood and which operating system will run the tablet .The software will probably have to be customized to adapt to the screen dimensions based on the way it’s being used.

So it’s a going to be quite an interesting race to see who actually manages to come out on top and release the first foldable device.