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How to zip files or unzip compressed files on your iPhone

Until the release of iOS 13 a few days ago, the iPhone and iPad users had to rely on third-party apps to zip and unzip compressed files. The iOS 13 has made life easier for users in a number of ways. It brings a revamped Files app with built-in functionality to zip or unzip compressed files with just a few taps on your iPhone. Let’s check out how it works.

Remember that you have to upgrade your iPhone to the latest iOS 13 to take advantage of the feature. You can update the software from Settings > General > Software update. Make sure you are connected to a stable WiFi network and your phone’s battery is fully charged before you start downloading and installing iOS 13.

The revamped Files app can open ZIP and TAR files. It also allows you to compress files in ZIP format before sending it to your contacts. If you want to deal with files in formats other than ZIP and TAR, you’ll have to use third-party apps. But considering these two are the most commonly used compressed files, you probably won’t have to use third-party apps.

The Files app also allows users to download files from Mail and Safari. It also supports external storage devices such as SD cards, hard drives, and pen drives. You can attach these storage devices to your iPhone, and you’ll be able to access them directly from the Files app.

How to ZIP a file on your iPhone

  • To create a new ZIP file, launch the Files app
  • Put all the files you want to ZIP in a single folder
  • Move back from the folder and hit the Select button at the top
  • Now select the folder you want to compress
  • Tap the three-dot icon in the bottom right corner of the screen
  • Tap Compress. Now your newly compressed file will appear. The name will remain the same
  • You can share the ZIP file with your friends, colleagues, or other contacts

Unzip compressed files

As I told you earlier, the Files app can unzip only ZIP and TAR files. If you have compressed files in these formats, follow these steps to unzip them:

  • Launch the Files app and locate the compressed file you want to unzip
  • Tap and hold the file and then tap Uncompress
  • Now all the content in that file will be extracted to a new folder with the same name

Apple couldn’t have made it any simpler!