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How To Turn On Dark Mode In Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome is by far the most popular web browser in the world. Google allows users enable Dark Mode in the Chrome browser on desktop and mobile devices. However, there is no uniform way to enable the feature across different operating systems. You have to use a different way for each operating system to turn it on.

There are a number of reasons why you’d want to use the Dark Mode. It helps improve battery life, reduces strain on your eyes, and minimizes your exposure to the blue light. Let’s check out how you can enable it on different devices.

Enabling it on Windows PCs

Google added support for a dark theme on Windows with its Chrome 74 update. But you won’t find the option to enable it in Chrome’s settings. Instead, you have to switch your Windows 10 OS to dark mode. Go to Windows 10 Settings menu > Personalization > Colors and then select Dark under “Choose your default app mode.” Now all apps that support a dark theme with turn dark.

On macOS devices

On Macs, go to System Preferences > General > Appearance and select the Dark option. Now all apps that support Dark Mode including Google Chrome will turn black.

On Android devices

Google added Dark Mode to Chrome browser on Android devices with version 74.0.3729.112 update. The feature turns the bright background into dark to improve battery life and reduce strain on your eyes when browsing at night. Google has brought system-wide Dark Mode with Android 10, but the software has been rolled out only to Pixel devices.

On Android phones, launch the Chrome browser and type “chrome://flags/#enable-android-night-mode” in the address bar. Scroll down to the “Android Chrome UI dark mode” and activate it. Now relaunch the Chrome browser, go to Settings menu, tap Themes and select Dark to enable or disable the feature.

Applying dark themes

Google Chrome supports a lot of dark themes available in the Chrome Web Store. All you have to do is go to the Chrome Web Store, browse through the available themes, and install the one you like.  The Chrome Web Store also has a number of dark themes hand-picked by editors. It works on Windows 7, Chrome OS, Linux, and other operating systems.