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How To Switch From Android To iPhone Quickly And Easily

Bought a fancy new iPhone? It’s time to set up the device. If you’ve been using an Android handset until now, you have to transfer data from Android to iPhone. To help you out, Apple has made it as easy as possible to move all your data on to the iPhone. The company has developed an Android app called Move To iOS that you can download from the Google Play Store to switch from your Android device to the iPhone.

Using the app, you can transfer messages, contacts, web browser bookmarks, photos, videos, calendars, as well as mail accounts. It also lets you download Android apps on your old phone that are available for free on Apple’s App Store.

However, it won’t transfer PDF files, books, or music to the iPhone. You have to transfer them manually. If you have any such data on the Android device, the easiest way to get them on the iPhone is to use the Android File Transfer app on your Windows PC or Mac. From the Android File Transfer app, you can move them to iTunes and sync them with your iPhone.

Move data from Android to iPhone

  • You would want to charge up both your iPhone and the Android device. Or keep them plugged to a power outlet
  • Turn on WiFi on your Android device
  • On the Android handset, go to Play Store and download the Move to iOS app
  • Turn on your iPhone and follow the setup prompts until you reach the Apps & Data screen. Once there, select Move Data from Android. If you’ve already finished setting up the iPhone, you’ve two options: Factory reset the device and start over, or transfer the data manually
  • On the Android device, launch the Move To iOS app and tap Continue. Tap Agree on Terms & Conditions screen and tap Next on the Find Your Code screen. Make sure the Move To iOS app remains onscreen the whole time

  • The iPhone will now create a private WiFi network and search for the Android phone running the Move To iOS app. You’ll see a code appear on the iPhone screen. Enter the code on the Android phone and you’ll be taken to the Transfer Data screen

iPhone Code

  • On the Transfer Data screen, select what content you want to transfer from the old device to the new one. Then tap Next in the top-right corner of the screen.

Transfer Data

  • Wait for the transfer process to complete. It could take a while depending on how much content you are moving. Even if the Android phone shows that the data has been transferred successfully, don’t do anything on either device until the loading bar on the iPhone finishes
  • When the loading bar on the iPhone is finished, tap Done on the Android phone
  • On your iPhone, tap Continue and follow the on-screen instructions to set up the remaining aspects of the device

Hope it helped you move data from Android to iPhone. Let us know in the comments below if you encountered any issue.