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How To Record Calls On Your iPhone: It’s Not Impossible

The iPhone does a lot of things, but it can’t record phone calls with the press of a button. Instead of giving you an app or feature to record conversations with a friend, colleague, lawyer, or customer service reps, Apple makes it incredibly difficult to do so. It doesn’t give third-party apps access to the microphone and the Phone app directly. There are still ways to record calls on your iPhone. Let’s check them out.

The laws for recording calls vary between countries and states. Some states require the consent of both parties before you can record calls. That’s probably why Apple hasn’t added the call recording feature on iPhones. You, too, should seek the consent of the other party before recording a conversation to avoid legal troubles in the future.

Use Google Voice to record incoming calls

Google Voice is a free app that lets you filter out spam calls. It’s also capable of recording incoming calls on iPhones. You can’t record an outgoing call, though. You have to set up an account and claim a Google Voice number. To do that, Go to Google Voice webpage, log into your account, and follow the instructions to claim a phone number in the city or area code of your choosing.

Next, download the Google Voice app  on your iPhone from the App Store and use your new Google Voice number to get going. Once you’ve set up the app on your iPhone, go to the Google Voice webpage, click on the three-dot icon and then select Settings. Then scroll down to the Calls section and toggle on Incoming call options.

Now you are all set to record an incoming call. When you get a call, answer it using the Google Voice app and then press the number “4” on the keypad during the call. Both you and the person on the other side of the call would hear an automated voice that the call is being recorded. You can stop the recording at any point by pressing the number “4” again, or it would stop when you end the call.

Google saves the recorded conversations to your Inbox, where you can listen to them or download them. You can access them from the Recorded section in the Google Voice app.

Recording both incoming and outgoing calls

Google Voice cannot record outgoing calls. So, you have to use other apps to record both incoming and outgoing calls. Most of them, such as TapeACall Pro and Call Recorder Pro, are paid apps. If you don’t want to pay for an app, Rev Call Recorder is the best free option in the App Store.

Apple doesn’t give Rev Call Recorder or other apps access to the microphone on your iPhone. So, they require you to set up a 3-way conference call between your iPhone, the recording app and the person you are calling. Rev Call Recorder has no hidden costs or limits on the length of conversations you can record. You can access the recordings in the Conversations section of the app.

Rev’s main business is to provide transcription services. If you want any of your recordings transcribed with high accuracy, they charge $1 per minute of recording.