How to Jailbreak iOS 12.1.2 using RootlessJB

The one major advantage that Android has over Apple is quite simple. Android gives away most of it’s applications for free on the Play Store. Whereas most of Apple’s applications have to be bought using a credit or debit card. For a normal individual like myself, it’s quite hard to afford buying applications. Buying food, paying rent and fare for those without cars is hard enough. This is where Jailbreak comes in. Every time Apple releases a new iOS version, a Jailbreak of the previous version is often already out. Recently we posted about reports of the coming of iOS 13. Was this a sign we should have read into? Maybe so.

Reports indicate that there has been a release of a rootlessJB jailbreak. The jailbreak supposedly works on iOS 12 through to version 12.1.2. This development has fans around the globe quite excited. However, one thing a lot of people don’t realize is that it was made for developers. Meaning it will be more complex and hard to navigate. The main reason people like Jailbreaks so much is because of the perks it gives to users. For example, some apps one would normally pay for are available for free. Who doesn’t want that? Jailbreaking using this method however doesn’t result in a lot of the expected results. As I said earlier, it was made mostly for developers.

Guide to Jailbreak using RootlessJB

STEP 1 – Go over to your browser and search ‘’. Once the search result loads download the software.

STEP 2 – Make sure installation has run to completion then go over to device management in the settings. There will be a new developer name in the window, note that this is normal. Simply trust the certificate to progress.

STEP 3 – Next switch your phone to airplane mode then launch the rootlessJB application. Ensure the ‘Tweaks’ toggle is on then proceed to tap the Jailbreak button.

STEP 4 – The expected good result is that your device will respring. If it restarts instead, something went wrong. If you follow these instructions it should work for sure.