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How to get new currency notes this Eid in Pakistan

Eid-ul-Fitr is a very important holiday in Arabian countries. Apparently, it is the equivalent to Christmas. On this day Muslims come together to celebrate their religion and break their fast. The holiday always comes after around two months of fasting then they can go back to normal. Good thing one can fast anything they want, it does not necessarily have to be food. It could be something you really like playing a game or even something as bad as drinking. Their discipline is what is admirable. Catholics have a similar time when they need to fast but most of them do not even commit to the cause. Getting new currency notes in Pakistan during Eid has been made a bit simpler. This is because at this point in time there is usually a lot of money changing hands because of the food businesses mostly.

The State Bank of Pakistan is what has allowed for citizens to get new currency notes. I found that new notes even look and feel better than the ones that have been in circulation forever. Whenever a shopkeeper gives you old or tattered money it is usually a major turn off because some may refuse to replace the note completely. Actually, it’s most of them. The State Bank of Pakistan has enabled a shortcode where users send their CNIC numbers along with the branch they use. This practice will supposedly go on from May 21st to May 31st. I agree that it is the exact equivalent of Christmas. Only a Christmas mood would make banks so generous.

After the users send their numbers they will receive the info that will help in them being given the money. This is quite a simple process if you ask me since the charge for this service is so low. In some countries, it would have automatically been high in a bid to exploit citizens. Yes, even on Christmas.

There is always the option of the Black market. Although this means is illegal, it still thrives a lot. Whenever people go to make large deposits, they have to make sure the money is clean. The black market currency will just weigh on you till you give up. And if by bad luck you get caught that would mean a very long time behind bars. To say the truth, I’d rather follow the rules than end up behind bars for the rest of my life.

The SBP that this will be going on in at least 1700 branches. This should be enough to serve you and everyone else out there.