How to get free VIP access on MovieBox Pro for iPhone users

Renting movies has become a story of the past with the introduction of streaming. The likes of ShowBox, MovieBox and Netflix have really helped in this end. However, ShowBox and MovieBox have not had a smooth ride. The two had a really rough end of the year with outages that caused loss of customers. MovieBox more so, it got completely shutdown. I for one was really sad about it seeing that it was free. Softwares like these need a lot of funding to help in getting content. Therefore, Netflix will always be ahead of the rest because of the funding and also, users have to pay for subscriptions.

Recently we posted about a fake version of YouTube posted on Play Store, could this one also be fake? I highly doubt that. Some of the features that come with the new MovieBox release are as follows:

  • Multi-language subtitles – This makes the application viable in a lot of different countries.
  • Multi-audio switching
  • Free – Unlike Netflix, MovieBox Pro has no subscription policies.
  • Global high-speed CDN network – This feature enables movies to load way faster, no waiting.
  • No regional restrictions – The application is available anywhere and to anyone.
  • H265 encoding, saving traffic and higher definition.
  • All movies and TV shows can be downloaded without any restrictions.
  • Updated daily.

The application has a VIP mode with extra functionalities. A feature users have to pay for in order to enjoy. With it, one can enjoy Apple TV and high speed buffering. With the growth of the technology industry, loop holes are becoming more and more available to the public. It seems that there will always be vigilantes fighting for everything to be free out here. Getting the VIP mode for free on your iOS is completely possible thanks to a cracked version release. @DinaD7, @Alladin_Cracks and @AppValley_vip are to thank for coming up with the cracked version.

How to install?

The developers of the cracked version posted a tutorial on youtube with instructions. Here is the video. Plenty of users have reported successful installation and are now enjoying the benefits. AppValley recently stated that the new release has nothing to do with the old MovieBox. Their report says that the developers of the new app are different and hence the application is completely different.