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How To Downgrade iOS 12.3 On Your Apple Device

Apple has always been known for its somewhat rigid OS. The main reason we refer to it as rigid is that it doesn’t offer the flexibility we find in Android devices. However, this flexibility is now viewed as an advantage at all times. Reports say that Apple devices are more protected from security breaches because of this. I find this statement quite wanting. But it is not easy to prove how wrong it is. Apple users have a way of running away from the rigid structure through jailbreaks. We have posted a lot about them in recent times. You can read all of them here. Some users would like to downgrade iOS 12.3 to a predecessor version. This can be for many reasons but how to do it is explained here.

Before starting to downgrade iOS 12.3, there are a few things that users might need. They are:

  • A computer with iTunes already installed. You will also need a USB to lightning cable for connecting your device.
  • Users will also need the iOS 12.2 IPSW files for your particular device. These files are independent of the various models of the iPhone available. You can look for the one you need here.
  • Note that you can only downgrade to iOS 12.2 at the moment. Any other options have been greyed out by Apple.

Once you have all the above ready, you can move on to the actual procedure. Note that the following steps must be followed to the letter to achieve the result.

Steps to follow in order to downgrade iOS 12.3 to iOS 12.2

Step 1 – One needs to make sure that the find my phone feature is disabled. To do this you head to settings, then select the iCloud option. In the current window, you should see the toggle for switching it off, do it.

Step 2 – The device being downgraded needs to be put in DFU mode.

Step 3 – Connect the device to the computer and launch the iTunes application. Hold the shift key then press the restore iPhone/iPad option. After this, one needs to select the location of the iOS 12.2 IPSW that you downloaded.

Step 4 – After following these steps iTunes should be able to do the rest. The phone will restart once it’s done and the iOS should be a whole different one.

Different users will have their own reasons for downgrading iOS. With the iOS 13 around the corner, you’d think people would be more inclined to be upgrading. If the above steps do not work, read through the article then try again.