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How To Disable Automatic App Downloads / Updates On iOS 12

If you have been using more than one iOS device synchronized with the same Apple ID, like an iPhone and an iPhone, you may have noticed that if you download an app on your iPhone, it will simultaneously download the same app on your iPad. This is due to an updated iOS feature called Automatic Downloads.

The feature can be, at times useful in some situations, but it can also be annoying and inconvenient. It can cause a reduction in storage capacity on the devices as they end up downloading the same apps twice. They can also be problematic because they might use mobile data without you knowing about it. Some automatic updates also occupy storage capacity of as much as 60MB on your device.

However, fortunately, like many iOS features, you can turn off the Automatic Downloads. Once you disable it, you will then be able to download an app directly to just an iPhone or iPad, and not have the issue of apps automatically downloading on the other iOS devices linked with the same Apple ID.

Disable Automatic App Downloads on iPhone and iPad

The settings for stopping automatic app downloads are the same on all iOS devices:

  • On your iOS device, from the home screen, open the “Settings” app
  • Locate the “iTunes & App Store” section in the Settings and tap on that
  • Locate the “Automatic Downloads” section and then toggle the switch right next to “Apps” to the OFF position.

For even better results, and if you want to absolutely stop all the automatic app downloads on all your iOS devices, repeat the process of disabling the settings again on all the iOS devices you own.

Another useful advice after disabling this feature is to review all the downloaded apps on all your iOS devices, and then finally uninstall the iOS apps from your Apple devices.  This step will help to free up some of the storage space that you might not have even known was being occupied by apps that are not in use on each device.