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How To Capture And View Screenshots On Your Apple Watch

People often take screenshots on their smartphones, tablets, and computers. But sometimes you might also want to capture a screen grabs on your Apple Watch, probably to brag about your workout goals/activities. The tiny display of the Apple Watch might not be ideal for screenshots, but the Cupertino company gives you the option nonetheless. Here’s how you can capture and view screenshots on your Apple Watch.

Enable screenshots

By default, the ability to take screenshots is disabled on the Apple Watch. You have to turn it on before you can take screen grabs. Here’s how to do it:

  • Launch the Watch app on your iPhone
  • Tap General, then scroll down to Enable Screenshots and turn on the toggle next to it

Now you can take screenshots at any time on your smartwatch.

Take screenshots on your Apple Watch

This is pretty easy. With two fingers, press the Digital Crown and the side button at the same time. The screen flashes white and you’ll hear a photo-snapping sound.

The screenshot is saved automatically to the Photos app on your iPhone, not on the Apple Watch itself.

Accessing the screenshots

To access the screenshot, launch the Photos app on your iPhone, tap the Albums tab and then tap Screenshots. There you’ll find all the screenshots you have taken on the iPhone as well as Apple Watch.

If you want to view the screenshots directly on your Apple Watch, you have to sync the relevant album on your iPhone’s Photos app with the Apple Watch. Once you sync it, you’ll be able to see all photos from that album on your smartwatch. Here’s how to sync it:

  • Launch the Watch app on your iPhone
  • Scroll down to the Photos app
  • Tap Synced Album and then select the Recently Added album. You can select any other album instead of Recently Added if you want. It could be FavoritesScreenshots or something else

Whichever album you selected to sync will now appear on your Apple Watch. This whole thing makes viewing screenshots more difficult than actually capturing them.