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How to Add And Customize Watch Faces On Your Apple Watch

Apple Watch is by far the best smartwatch in the market. Besides all the useful features, it gives you the option to customize watch faces to change the look and feel of your smartwatch every few weeks or months. You can personalize the watch faces to reflect your personality. If you are a new Apple Watch user, you might be wondering how to customize watch faces or add new ones to your Apple Watch. Here’s the quick guide to help you out.

How to install and customize a new watch face

  • Force touch the Apple Watch display to enter the Customize mode
  • Now swipe left through all the face options until you see the New button

  • Tap the New button to browse through the new watch faces. You can rotate the Digital Crown to run through the available options
  • Tap the watch face you want to add, and it’s set.
  • To customize the color, style, and other aspects of the watch face, force touch the display and swipe left or right to go to the face you want to customize. Then tap Customize. Now select a feature (color, style, etc.) and use the Digital Crown to change it. The aspects you can customize varies depending on the watch face.

How to switch to a previously installed watch face

You already have a number of watch faces in the Face Gallery of your Apple Watch. Switching between them is incredibly easy. All you have to do is swipe left or right on the Apple Watch screen.

If you want to further customize a previously installed watch face, force touch the screen to enter the Customize mode, swipe left or right to go to the watch face you are interested in, and then tap Customize. Depending on the watch face, you can change the color, style, and other aspects by rotating the Digital Crown.

How to add more Complications to your watch face

Apple Watch has something called “Complications,” which are information from apps. You can add new Complications to some watch faces to quickly access the information you are interested in. It could be anything such as battery life, date, health data, and more.

To view which apps have complications, launch the Watch app on your iPhone, tap the My Watch tab, and then tap Complications. To add one of the available complications to your watch face, tap Edit and then tap the green ‘+’ button. Now go to the watch face on your Apple Watch, force touch the display and then tap Customize. Next, tap a complication and rotate the Digital Crown to add the information to the watch face.