Here’s the rumored 2019 16-inch MacBook Pro

Concepts are often a raw representation of what the actual device will look like. Most of the time, designers get it wrong. But some features of course reflect at times. However, I’ve come to realize that these designers try to be as creative as possible. In the end, they may add on things that are not exactly feasible or sometimes even possible at the time. The MacBook Pro is pending a refresh and users want to see a picture of what the future looks like? Don’t we all. Well, at least within the constraints of technology it is possible.

Viktor Kadar is the designer of the concept in question today. When I put it that way it sounds like I’m a critic. I am quite the contrary, as will you once you see the design. Supposedly, the device will house a new OLED panel. This would greatly improve the screen resolution and improve the user experience. Remember, at the end of the day the consumer is King. I actually studied that in an economics class, so yes it’s a real thing. I don’t want you guys to assume I just throw terms around to sound smart.

Will the new MacBook Pro have the Face ID feature?

Fans were hopeful that the feature would be implemented on the MacBook. According to our sources, it will. Furthermore, the sensors will be completely hidden from sight. The OLED screen will embed more sensors to enable this. However, I tend to think that this is fat forwarded a little too far into the future. I mean it’s allowed but let’s be logical. Although we already established that the number one objective of these designers is to merit their skills. Something we allow completely. We all enjoy art.

A new keyboard design was seen in the concept. Hopefully, it would be more efficient and robust then the not-so-loved butterfly mechanism. Since all this is subject to change, I can’t wait to see the improvements.