Hacking devices used by the feds apparently being sold on eBay

We all know of the imminent threat that is hackers. Personally, I am always very paranoid about the matter. Can you imagine someone gaining access to you phone and wiping all your bank accounts clean? I don’t know what I’d do, maybe call the police. Which brings us to today’s hot topic of discussion, hacking devices used by the feds have apparently popped up on eBay. Meaning they are for sale. The device in question is a Universal Forensic Extraction device, it is going for around $100. Are we trying to empower the hackers around us? Because that’s what it looks like.

The device is used by big intelligence organisations such as the FBI and homeland security. It makes it quite easy to access a person’s phone without their knowledge. The feds use it to hack into devices that may contain evidence. Yes, I’ve watched investigative movies(CSI New York). Normally, it would cost around $15,000. Which makes the devices on eBay older models that obviously can’t receive updates. Or can they? For a price of $100 I don’t think you’ll get any tech support on the stone age device. Tech support is important for maintenance and improvement of a product. This is why users are very important in the software development scheme today, they have to give feedback to the developers. How else will they know what’s working?

How much of a danger are these hacking devices?

Do we really need to ask whether hacking devices are a danger to us? I mean, isn’t the name self-explanatory. Well, it is to be. As it should be to any rational human being out there. Something has to be done. It’s sad to say that maybe the seller is a police officer that found the devices in storage. Once their use expires, the hacking devices are supposed to be taken back to the source company. Something that is clearly not happening. However, I’m sure there is a way to track these devices. I swear if Batman was real…