Hackers shock users by finding a way to bypass iCloud Locked Devices

Hackers have always been a pain to software engineers. These are the guys that expose vulnerabilities in a system. However, one has to be really creative so as to not be caught. The industry introduced ethical hacking as a way to get hackers on their side for money. What corporate businessmen don’t understand is that hackers don’t want money, they want freedom. Most of them are vigilantes who believe everything on the internet should be free for all. Sadly, there are some that are dangerous. The type of dangerous that will leave all your bank accounts cleaned out. For years, iCloud has seemingly been unbreakable. Hackers have finally found a way to break the firewall.

We all know how you can take an iPhone to an Apple store and trade it in for a newer version. This is supposedly what the hackers are taking advantage of. Conventionally, users are asked to disable the iCloud lock when they trade in the devices. However, most users don’t do this and the company ends up with a bulk of ‘useless’ phones. Useless because apparently one can’t break past the activation lock. Since the company has no use for them, they get sold. When they reach the dark web, where they are mostly sold. The hackers have found a way to trick the original users of the phone to give their passwords by their own will.

How do they do it?

The hackers create special texts that look like they are from Apple. Through these texts the user eventually believes that he has to give his AppleID and password to ‘Apple’. To say the truth, this is so smart. I once heard that con men are often the most brilliant minds. Do you concur? Give your thoughts in the comment section below.

In case the above method doesn’t work, they fool the retail employees instead. In order to receive a forgotten AppleID and password, one has to produce the original receipt, something only the owner would have. The hackers found a way to fake the receipts and get the passwords for free.

To say the truth, this takes a lot of effort. I wonder what motivates and individual to go through all this just to get my iCloud password.