Guide on how to hide your current number from your WhatsApp contacts

WhatsApp has been on an upward curve since it was launched. The messaging app idea was brilliant. The emojis and profile picture features completely wooed us. Surviving without the application seems unbearable now. I mean, I talk to everyone there. Its the only way I can tell where my class is on school days. However, you have to be ready to buy data. Some internet providers have tried to use free WhatsApp bundles to gain users. In some countries this technique has worked too well. For example, Kenya’s Safaricom is reaping the fruits of this fine concept. Although I still have a lot of negative comments being an active user myself.

On such social media platform, privacy becomes an issue sometimes. You know, there are two kinds of people in this world. There are those that like to be seen out there, to be known and to make friends. These kind of people rarely struggle with social media. They find the fact that people see what they do exciting. Whereas there are the kind that like to keep to themselves. The kind that appreciate privacy at it’s core. It’s the only place they feel safe. These people will go to maximum heights to assure themselves safety. Which brings us to today’s guide.

Steps towards hiding current number from WhatsApp

Make sure your account is working fine on your device. Look for another device where you can insert a simcard temporarily. Remove the simcard from the device with the working WhatsApp and insert it into the temporary device. Once you insert a new simcard in the device with the working app it will detect a change and will require you confirm your phone number again. They will need to send an OTP to the simcard you just removed, the one you want to run the application. Once you receive the message on the temporary device, insert it into the device with the installed app and it should work.