Guide on how to add and remove your device from find my iPhone

Losing your phone is always such a bad feeling because one feels completely disconnected. I once lost my phone and had to stay without one for a month, the longest month of my life! However, it also now safe to assume that we are addicted to these devices. You know how they say too much of anything is poisonous, I think our phones are poison to most of us. I’ve seen people who can’t put down their phones, literally. So when you lose something like that, you need something to help you at least erase your data or even find it. Find my iPhone is an in-built feature on the Apple devices that enables this function.

How to add or removeĀ  your Apple device to the Find my iPhone feature

Step 1 – Launch the settings app on your iOS.

Step 2 – Now navigate to the profile icon and then select the iCloud option.

Step 3 – When you scroll down you will see the Find my iPhone section. Once in there you can toggle between on and off.

Around that window you are currently in you could set your device to show location even when the battery is low. This feature can prove to be quite helpful when trying to track your phone. For security purposes, your device will prompt you to provide a password. Also, when you decide to sell your device you will need to come back to that window and switch it off. We don’t want to track a phone that is no longer ours of course.

How to remove a device from Find my iPhone via

Step 1 – Launch a web browser of your choice on your computer. For example Mozilla or Chrome and go to

Step 2 – Sign in to the icloud account you were using on the device.

Step 3 – The next will be to click on the Find iPhone icon displayed there.

Step 4 – Click the all devices icon at the top center.

Now you should be able to view all your devices’ location. From your Apple Watch to your Mac back at home. Try following the steps on your device and see if it works. Your feedback in the comments section below will be greatly appreciated.