Guide on downloading videos from TikTok to your iPad or iPhone

We all know how social media is taking over the modern age. Kids the age of 10 are completely aware of applications like Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp. Applications I only actively started using when I finished high school. I wonder whether this is for the better really. Is it good that our younger siblings are now always on their phones. Musically was an app that changed its name to TikTok. I found out about this application through my smaller cousins. They’re ten years old. Yes, I should stop considering myself a tech guru. However, we all need to be open to information from whatever the source.

TikTok is really about people dancing or singing along to songs. The snippets the application provides are very trendy and are accompanied with exciting filters. My grandmother thinks that such platforms are filled with pretenders trying to run away from their reality. So deep, I don’t blame her for her point of view however. These things were not built to suit their generation anyway. Downloading the posted videos is something many users might want to do. In a bid to share it on other platforms or just show your friends. You have come to the right place to find out how to do it.

Steps on how to download videos on TikTok

  • Go over to the video you would like to download and save.
  • There will be a share button that once you press it a save video option will be available.
  • That’s it, once you navigate to your video folder it should be there.

However, this method might prove hard to understand for some people. The other way to do it is to share it to Instagram stories. Via the Instagram app it is easy to save it onto your device. The whole process is quite simple although if you save too many space might start to be a problem. I’m sure there are plenty of TikTok fans out there, feel free to comments about the guide. I’m sure it helped some of you.