GTA 6 release date (UPDATE): Tune in to E3 2019

The gaming has been bracing itself for the arrival of the next generation of consoles. We have heard a lot about the two consoles we are expecting already. If you missed our posts on the stories, you can read them here. The juiciest part of the story is the fact that one might be conspicuously better. And as things stand, Xbox Two looks to be the better one. We have seen the rumors on social media saying that the PS5 may be outmatched this time. However, such news is hard to believe just like that. What we need is some proof. The world awaits for E3 to see whether we will learn more. GTA 6 release date has also been a very sensitive matter. We have also written a lot about it. Supposedly Rockstar games might tell us about it at E3.

Suddenly this event just became a must go. If I had the opportunity to attend such a prestigious conference, it would be glorious. To see Xbox developers talk about the device would go in the first page of my album. That day all my friends will know that I was there. Today I had the opportunity to question an Xbox Two team players and she told me that we should brace ourselves. I reckon such words are not thrown around anyhow.

There have been leaks suggesting that we might see the introduction of a female character. This must be very good news for feminine gamers. Finally, a character they can relate to. In GTA 5 there was a part Michael could go to a strip club. It was so graphic and real, not that I know how the insides of a strip club look like. I wonder what would happen when gamers walk in there with a female character in GTA 6.

GTA 6 release date might be at E3. Take that in for a second. This would be big for the fans out there. However, something doesn’t add up. There was a theory suggesting that the game was too big to run on the current generation of consoles. Was this all a lie? A story meant to get us excited then ultimately disappoint us? Well, it could mean that by E3 we will have the PS5 and Xbox Two in markets. This is however very unlikely.

This game had better be a good one. Because we’ve talked about it too much for it to be a disappointment.