Google Tasks Integration added onto Gmail app

Google is always doing a lot of improvements in its products. I guess this is culture for most software developers. As we’ve said many times before, maintainability is very important. The software should be able to be improved and modified whenever the developers see fit. However, it is the users that cause this most of the time. When bugs and glitches arise the developers are often left with no choice but to release an update. We know enough to say that these don’t go as planned every time. Sometimes even more bugs come up. Google Tasks Integration has come at such an unexpected time. Google tasks were there before but were taken away recently when Google built reminder functionality in the app. Google’s software is often very dependable if you ask me. They are a good software standard for the world.

Google Tasks Integration update

To add an email to the Google Tasks Integration is quite simple. All you need to do is collapse the menu bar at the top right part. Once this is done, theĀ  ‘add to tasks’ menu should present itself. Once you click the button the window should change and you should find yourself in the Tasks window. In the past, we didn’t have Google tasks Integration in place. Well, we didn’t really need it. When Google updated the Gmail app it came with a reminder option that does not require switching of windows.

Reminders are important because they help us keep to the schedule. Humans crave routine, and when we don’t have that we feel out of place. I guess it’s a natural instinct. But again technology has come to the rescue. In the near future, our lives will be revolving around our phones. It has already started for the teenage generation. My 10-year old brother calls and texts me and yet he’s not yet a teenager. I hope he doesn’t turn into those zombies.

As we all know, updates are not often rolled out all at once. So if you are yet to see this Google Tasks Integration, check the play store for an update. If it doesn’t appear then give it a day or two.