Google sees no grounds to banish Saudi App Absher from the store

Google governs its play store quite well. Once my friends and I stole some code from online and pieced together an app. Since we had sort of infringed a copy write, our account was closed and our app wasn’t posted. Quite cruel if you ask me, but fair. Apple’s store also works under very strict user agreements. Before one’s application is approved it goes through quite the vetting. There have been reports about a Saudi Arabia government app that let’s men track women and control where they go. It is called Absher. Users have risen their voices to demand its tearing down but the ones with that power are yet to act.

I’ve seen Apple take down an application from their store before. As for Google, I find it quite hard to believe that they could. The Android platform was built to be free and encourage creativity. So far the market has responded very positively to this dynamic. I don’t think taking down the Absher app is as easy for them as fans would like to assume. It being a government app makes it all the more complicated. And who wants quarrels with Saudi Arabia? I mean, have you seen their women? I need friends there not enemies.

Do you think Absher should be taken down?

From our recent posts, you’ve picked up how much privacy has become a sensitive subject. In the near past we posted about some third party apps on iOS recording user screens. The backlash from that was no little ordeal. Facebook’s data problems are a clear indication of where its at. However, for them it’s a price to pay for having so many users. I mean if I found out that my data had been sold to someone by Facebook I would be angry but deep down happy at the same time. Can you imagine how much they’ll give you as settlement?

Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below. If these reports are true, no rational organisation should this stand.