Google Pixel 4 plans to please fans as leaks start to come in

It is still early in the year and there has already been so much talk about phone releases. Ranging from the iPhone 11 scheduled to launch in September of this year to the Samsung foldable phone. In 2018, Google Pixel released their devices at the very end of the year – Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL. The two devices have had very positive reviews so far. Their cameras are what completely stunned me. Before I came across the Google Pixel camera, I thought Oppo and Samsung where Apple’s closest competitors on that end. How wrong I was. Talks about their 2019 release have already began. Fans can’t wait to see the new Google Pixel 4.

Conventionally, these patent designs do not offer much detail about the specifications. However, 2019 trends are well known so far. Whether or not the Google Pixel 4 applies them is a question to pose to them. Apple for example plans to reduce the size of their notch. Talks imply that they might have been influenced by Oppo’s decision to implement a full HD screen. Or maybe it was Samsung’s decision to implement their hole design that motivated them. However, our main focus is the Google Pixel 4. One thing that remains unquestionable, is their venture into achieving the perfect camera. Even without leaks and concepts, I can attest that the camera on their device this year will be totally brilliant.

What new features will the Google Pixel 4 have?

Last year’s Pixel 3 had come with the last-generation Snapdragon 845. ¬†Supposedly the Google Pixel 4 will have the much coveted Snapdragon 855. The device will apparently have 8GB of RAM. This is quite an improvement from the 4GB RAM we saw on the Pixel 3. One disadvantage however is that the 128GB internal storage might lack the micro SD expansion option. A slight improvement in memory has also been rumored. The possible value is 4200mAh. Critics seem to have complained enough about the questionable power cells found on Goggle Pixel 4 predecessors.

It is sad to say that all these facts are subject to change. However, the release date is still far and so stay tuned for updates on the story. Feel free to leave comments in the section below.