Google Pixel 3a accidentally leaks onto the internet

Leaks are presumed to be a real nag to developers and big tech companies like Google. For example, all the smartphones they have launched had been leaked before they were launched. But let’s not assume it’s just Google that suffers from this. Like Apple is set to release the iPhone 11 this summer, but we’ve posted around three articles talking about it. I’m starting to think that it may be a strategy, putting it out there to see how fans will react. As we said in past posts, the users are a major part of development these days. Their input is very valuable because how else will they know whether the device will be liked, let alone bought. Google is set to release a Google Pixel 3a according to a leak on their site. Don’t you find it weird that they themselves leaked the info? Well, I do.

Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL listed on Google Play Developer console last week under codenames Sargo and Bonito

The leak seems to have been accidental since now there is no sign of it. The Google Pixel 3a is set to have a Google Pixel 3a XL as well. In the past Google has been accused of copying Apple’s designs, will we see this happen again this year? Most users are praying for a little more originality from the tech giant. It is well within their ability to design their own hardware plus software. The only question left to ask is whether they will do it. We will leave that question to time, she answers them quite well. As for features, both devices are set to have a modest 4GB of RAM.

As we move into the future, I was hoping phone makers would work harder to increase the RAM they offer on their devices. Oppo already did it, offering up to 6GB of RAM. Does this mean that the Chinese company has bested Google? I find this to be quite relative, you decide. The Google Pixel 3a will most likely have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 processor. However, this is not that impressive since we’ve seen a much better processor on the Samsung Galaxy S10. I guess this goes to show that Google is not close to overtaking Samsung on the charts.

There was a time Google Pixel had the best front camera according to sites responsible for ranking the devices. However, the upcoming device has only 12MP and 8MP on the back and front respectively. So you see that this isn’t really up to the mark in terms of how 2019 is taking us so far. Devices such as Huawei P30 are way above its league as things stand. Although there is room for improvement before the launch, will they catch up?