Google Pixel 3 wallpapers leaked ahead of launch [Download Link]

The Google Pixel 3 had a launching date in only a few weeks but just about everything you might have wanted to know about the upcoming Pixel 3 has been leaked online.

The latest leaks reveal the device’s entire collection of live wallpapers in both image form and the Pixel 3 Wallpapers app ahead of the official release on October 9.

Previous leaks had shown the screenshots of these wallpapers. However, these wallpapers have now been released by MySmartPrice in full resolution PNG files as well as the full-fledged Wallpapers app APK for download.

Google Pixel 3 wallpapers can be downloaded in full resolution from:

[Download Link]

The animated “live” wallpapers transform dynamically as the device is tilted when unlocking the phone or playing music even. Some also progressively shift as the day passes to match the time depending on the reaction to various stimuli.

The new series of wallpapers is highly reminiscent of last year’s collection in 2017, but it has an addition of more landscape beauties like the majestic city of Schwyz, the Zion National Park from a Bird’s Eye view, the white sands of the Sonoran Desert and Switzerland. The Marvelous Marble that is the Earth rotating with access to the phone’s location is present yet again, but now instead of Planet Red, there is an additional New Horizons wallpaper that brings us the revolving Pluto.

Unlike the previous Pixel 2 series, the new Google Pixel 3 smartphones will be coming with City Silhouette wallpapers. They will be featuring New York City and San Francisco in 3D monochromatic fashion. Throughout the day the city is well-lit, while during the course of the night, it is pitch dark, bringing an even more hyper-realistic and immersive feeling if you happen to reside in these cities, or even just in their time zones.

First off we have following up on a previous version of the collection from the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, the title of the first section of the Pixel 3 wallpapers is revealed as “Come Alive.” There are a total of 15 wallpapers grouped together into 5 sets for the Pixel 3

  • Groove: Chill, Party, After Dark
  • Bubble Up: Peach, Plum, Lemon
  • Bloom: Sunrise, sky, Cloud
  • Burst: Dusk, Forest, Midnight
  • Pixie: Cobalt, Emerald, Periwinkle

Then we have Living Universe, which is marking yet another return from the previous year, with four brand new geographic locations available for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

  • Bird’s-Eye View, Zion National Park
  • Sonoran Desert, White Sands
  • Schwyz, Light the Way
  • Tropical Voyage, Malolo Barrier Reef