Google Pixel 3 Owners Report Appearance Of Additional Notches

Users of the Pixel 3 are perplexed by the multiple notch placement problems.

The notch placement includes the top which is the usual position, at the bottom, or at the corner. Developers are free to choose from either of the placement options available. Here’s what the corner notch looks like;

Google’s Android developer website has the official instructions regarding the notch placement on the device.

To ensure consistency and app compatibility, devices running Android 9 must ensure the following cutout behavior:

A single edge can contain at most one cutout.
A device cannot have more than two cutouts.
A device cannot have cutouts on either of its longer edges.
In portrait orientation with no special flags set, the status bar must extend to at least the height of the cutout.
By default, in full screen or landscape orientation, the entire cutout area must be letterboxed.

The third point is where the disparity occurs as it clearly states that the display cutouts or notches cannot be positioned on any of the device’s two longer edges. Users experience otherwise.

A Pixel 3 user reported the difference online saying:

I unlocked my Pixel 3 XL as I normally do, and I noticed a weird notch on the right hand side of the screen. I have not done anything inside developer mode, besides changing the animations. I took a screenshot with the phone and it did not show on the screenshot. So I took a picture of the phone with my coworker’s phone

Google Pixel 3 notch


The image clearly depicts the placement of the usual notch, but a second notch on the right edge is present as well. (Which happens to be on the two longer edges of the handset) however a closer look at the picture reveals, another notch placed right below the second notch, which is blatantly contradicting Google’s own rules of notch placement.

The user elaborated further that they tried to lock/unlock their unit to make the problem go away but it would simply not budge. They were also unable to capture a screenshot of it. A reboot however, finally solved the issue for them. So it would be safe to surmise that the problem lies perhaps within the software itself.

“I locked and unlocked the phone a few times and the notch still persisted. After a reboot of the device, it was back to normal. Any ideas how this occurred? If you notice in the picture right below the weird vertical notch, there is a continuation of another notch flipped around”

At first it seemed like the situation was just a one off issue with an unlucky user drawing the short straw but apparently the number of user complaint reports is increasing measurably. We’ll have to wait and see how Google tackles this issue for their Pixel 3 users.