Google Pixel 2 Camera Showing Fatal Error Post-Android Pie Update

The Android Pie update keeps on adding to Google’s troubles it seems. They are still struggling to fix the Pixel 2 camera fatal error issue that popped up last year. What’s more? The complaints have significantly increased after the Android Pie update according to recent reports.

To refresh your memory, the problem that still persists after the new update causes the camera to crash when it opens.

Then the system shows this error notification: “The camera device encountered a fatal error.”

The company has confirmed that they are indeed aware of the problem and are working on it to find a fix. Unfortunately that was back in July and no follow up has been made so far and the situation still persists currently. Google is trying to salvage the situation by offering replacements but that does not seem like a permanent solution.

Users took to online platforms to word their problems. What’s unsettling is the fact that there seems to be an influx of complaints despite efforts by Google to curb it.

  • Ever since the update to Android Pie on my Pixel 2 XL, I have been having intermittent camera failures. It is completely random at this point; sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s not just the camera app itself; other apps that have camera features can’t use it either (e.g Facebook, banking apps, etc.). I have tried every single troubleshooting tip I could find, including factory reset. Nothing helps. I am going to try to RMA the device if I can, otherwise I don’t know what I’ll do. The camera was perfectly fine in Android Oreo. Google is supposedly aware of this issue but has nothing to address it yet. I love my Pixel but for almost $900 this should not be happening.
  • I have been having the same issue ever since the update. I have sent the error report literally a hundred times, tried clearing the cache, tried clearing the data, restarted, and checked the device admin access…nothing. Literally the one reason I bought this phone was for the awesome camera. Now I have been without it for WEEKS with zero resolution. If rolling back to Oreo wasn’t a major under-taking for the non-wiz, I would have done it 2 weeks ago. And if you talk about Pixel 2 camera fatal error reports in general, you’ll see such complaints are still being voiced frequently. Take a look.

Some users have tried to figure out a way to fix the problem themselves and it seemingly appears to have worked for a few people.

The instructions to be followed according to a user are as follows:

I’ve actually found a workaround – when your camera gets into the fatal error state, close it, and rotate the phone. While rotated, launch the camera app. Seems to work 100%. I even have rotation locked. Just turn the flash to auto when you do get it to pull up by turning it. I did that and haven’t had a problem since

It’s quite unfortunate  really that the Pixel 2’s best selling point, its camera turned out to be part of the whole problem. Google should certainly prioritize the issue and come up with a fix soon.