Google photos bug with smart display can be fixed

The speed at which bugs and glitches are solved nowadays needs to be very fast. This is because there is always another option. Take phones, for example, if the Galaxy S10 becomes too troublesome there is always the option of switching to Apple. Although it may be a bit overpriced. Developers are coming up with new ways to solve bugs. Such methods need to be more intuitive and easier for the user to apply without needing explicit help from technicians. In the new age of digitization, people are adopting more devices and migrating their data to the digital realm. Of such new platforms of migrating our data is Google photos which is a photo sharing and storage service which provides users with unlimited storage on the cloud for free.

Ambient Mode

Since the time when Chromecast filled the entire screen with a slideshow of random images, Google Have been looking for ways to improve the user experience on the platform. Back in 2014, they added the option to customize using one’s own pictures thus introducing backdrop feature in Chromecast. Last year Chromecast’s Backdrop was renamed as Ambient mode. They introduced a choice of three categories; Google photos, Art gallery, and Experimental, of which a user could only choose one. These preferences can be managed from Chroomecast and now Google Home app.

There is an issue in Ambient mode specific to Google photos which has been reported since last year but hasn’t been fixed yet. Google photos don’t show and it instead reverts to Art gallery pictures instead. Some say that none of their images are shown while others say only some of them get displayed. Some of the issues put across on the companies official help forum are:

Not all photos in album displayed in ambient mode slideshow. I can cast a selected album from my google photos but it only shows a small subset of pictures from the album.

I have multiple Chromecasts, different hardware generations. NONE of them can reliably play a slideshow in ambient mode, they keep reverting to the default artwork, skipping the photos that are selected, and acting strangely.

A workaround that can help affected devices is to set Personal photo curation to Live albums only in Settings(as seen below).


Other users on Twitter also shared the same workaround.

Give this workaround a try and give us your feedback in the comments section. Stay tuned to get updated as we get more information.