Google Opens Registration For New .page Domains

Google has started expanding its portfolio of web domains after they made it possible to purchase domains ending in .app. Now it will also be offering .page and the company has just initiated the Early Access period. The access duration will last until next Tuesday when on October 9 the general availability registration will be available for people and businesses. It will also make it a tad cheaper too.

The .page domain is available for purchase along with the hosting via partners like and GoDaddy, but pricing will keep on decreasing with time. Although GoDaddy already seems to have a reasonable price tag of $10.99 for the first year. We’re still waiting for to allocate a price for the users. After October 9, .page domains will be available to more providers without paying any extra hidden fees.

The Early Access period is actually the next step in acquiring a .page domain, with Sunrise period being the first step. It enabled trademark owners with listings at the Trademark Clearinghouse to register their domain with convenience.

A lot of domains have already been reserved, including named after the Google co-founder,,, and Others, however, that still remain to be reserved are, or

Before you go thinking you’re the lucky few ones, private registrations have been going on since late August, and quite a lot of the good .page domains which include,,, and also  have already been taken. If you’ve got a more unique idea, head over to to see if it’s still available.