Google Maps update helps drivers avoid speeding tickets

Speed cameras are a drivers worse fear when breezing down the highway. They are always hidden. However, technology never sleeps! The new Google Maps update shows drivers where all the cameras are. Not that speeding is such a good habit, a lot of accidents happen on the back of speeding drivers. Maybe Google should add a few fake ones to discourage speeding.

The update is going to be rolled out in phases. Development of this new feature has a lot of drivers excited. Mostly those that have picked up a few tickets already. It will take time to be implemented completely but I can’t wait to see it in full swing.

However, most drivers do not even use Google Maps when they drive. The only person I’ve seen use it is my mother, and it’s only because she doesn’t know her way around. It is true that the average driver doesn’t even look at a map when they drive. Maybe it’s because most of them have memorized all the routes, will the new update give drivers a reason to look?¬†Google should hope so.

Over the years, speed cameras have become a very common sight. Road safety has become very important due to the increasing number of drivers. As population grows, more people buy cars and it get harder to monitor every one of them. Some countries have such incompetent traffic police that no one cares, this is where speed cameras come in. Drivers never see them coming, the shining traffic police wear can be seen from a mile away and avoided. Does this mean that the technology is more efficient? You be the judge.

Stay alert for google updates and try to use the new feature. I will personally confirm that the application works by making sure the speed cameras are where the map says they are and get back to you. Stay tuned for developments.

Source: Phandroid