Google Maps features that people should start using

Google Maps has proven to be quite a good servant since it was launched. The fact that it includes every road there is completely genius. Honestly, without the Maps a lot of the drivers on the road would have gotten lost countless times. Before anyone learns the route or is new at driving, figuring out the roads can be hard. However, this app comes through every time. Unfortunately, most of us don’t know about a lot of the features it offers. For example, very few people have ever used the stop along your route feature. It helps set a stop when traveling, probably a place to refresh before soldiering on. Or did you know that you can share your trip progress with a friend?

Google Maps’ ‘hidden’ features

Since its launch in 2005, Google Maps has just been on an upward curve. Mostly because of the constant improvements Google has been adding on over the years. How the app looked when it launched and how it looks now is completely different. It’s even hard to remember how we survived without it. Especially because most people are bad at giving instructions. I was going to say I was one of them then I remembered that we have to be positive.

Another feature that is often underused is the ability to save your favorite places. We all have places we like to be. For me home would be my first favorite place to save. Sometimes you might discover a new restaurant and not remember how exactly you got to that place. So that you are able to get there easily again, users are able to save them as favorites on Google Maps.

Did you know that you can download maps for offline use? Google is a very sophisticated organization if they could think of this. All of us go to remote areas sometimes. And to get access to the maps one has to have an internet connection. In places where the connection would fail, offline maps would really come in handy.

Google is so good that they included a way to check whether your restaurant is too crowded. The application keeps a record of time and number of people in the restaurant at that time. So if you are in a hurry and you wouldn’t want to find the place crowded, Google Maps can help.

In conclusion, Google has really outdone itself. And this is not even half of the features it has to offer. If you ignore the app thinking it’s useless, think again.