Google I/O 2019 to be held on 7th May

Google has imposed itself on the market over the years. The internet has been of good service to them seeing that it is their whole base. They hold annual conferences for different purposes. Among them is the I/O conference, which has become quite popular. The venue is set to be in Mountain View, California.

The Company has not exactly announced this officially through some online forum. But among the many cultures of the I/O conference is a game. The game involved deciphering a puzzle that gives way to underlying JSON data. The data gave away the following:

  • Shoreline Amphitheater Mountain View, CA is confirmed by the location key in the data.
  • The alt key key gave away the dates. May 7th  to 9th.

This post was posted on Twitter, much to the delight of developers that couldn’t crack the puzzle. Now they won’t have to. The date and place for the conference is now a matter of public knowledge. Thanks to Till Kottmann, he discovered the hidden tweet. However, the tweet has been removed since the puzzle was already cracked. Google is expected to drop more clues about different aspects of the conference as the day beckons.

The Moscone Center has housed most of the conferences(2008-2015). Since then, the conference has been in California. In previous years, this conference has been used to showcase google’s new technology. It is much like CES 2019, where we saw the flying Uber concept and Samsung’s foldable phone. Google along with the companies it owns, tell the world what they have been working on. I can’t wait to see what wonders they have planned for us.

What will we see in I/O 2019?

So far, this year is proving to have quite a lot on the way. Companies like Microsoft, Apple and the like are well on their way to releasing cutting-edge technology. Both software and hardware. Google will be talking a lot about APIs because most of the audience will be developers. APIs are very important when it comes to new technology. In order for new technology to talk to old technology, or even a different new technology, an API needs to be in play.

There will also be the coveted workshop designed to sharpen developers. Interactions with brilliant minds in the field is always motivation to do better, to be better. Last year’s conference was also held in May, the world awaits. Developments in the story will be communicated.