Google fixes Pixel notification sound issue and promises VoLTE support

Google has caused a lot of buzz in the phone world with the release of the Pixel series. Threatening to overthrow the likes of Apple and Samsung. Can they do it though? Recent reports indicate that Samsung is busy developing their new curved device while Apple intends to reduce the notch. However, after the release of the Android 8.1 Oreo update some issues began to bug Pixel users. Apparently, the phone’s notification sounds were not intermittent. This being quite a basic functionality, it is sad that such a huge company can fail to deliver it. Users are quite aggressive about the matter. Some have taken to social platform to discuss possible workarounds. The Google Pixel XL is too expensive to have such amateur problems. Don’t you think?

Possible Workarounds

In the world of technology, it is assumed that every problem has a solution waiting to be discovered. From the threads of complaints from users, there was a post from one user saying that restarting would remedy the problem. Another said that toggling the Bluetooth switch then restarting the device might work. Personally, I think that the problem is with the Google Pixel hardware. Apart from ringtones refusing to work, application notifications are also being mysteriously muted.

Google Pixel devices on Airtel and Vodafone could implement VoLTE support

Recently, Google confirmed the coming of VoLTE support to it’s devices. Fans have been eagerly awaiting for this feature to launch. However, it’s been quite a long time since the announcement and fans are starting to be impatient. Related to this, a user recently posted that all the Google Pixel devices will apply the feature as from February. Seeing that we are already in February, I reckon the time for launch is near.

Fans are always waiting for updates to the existent technology. The only way to be truly successful in the technology sector, is having a good relationship with the users. As we said in a recent article, the present world views developers and users to be of the same importance. Welcome to the modern world!