Google Family Link App Let Parents Turn Off Their Kids Smartphone Remotely

Google just answered the prayers of every parent on earth and has come up with an innovative idea to banish the biggest bane of their lives-smartphone addiction among teenagers.

The revolutionary technology promises to deliver a solution to curb smartphone addiction, limit screen time and set some strict digital ground rules.

Now, parents don’t have to fret about the whereabouts of their teens or texting at the dinner table.

The search giant this week launched a new feature to its Family Link app. It was previously used to monitor and limit smartphone activities of children under 13. However, the newly launched tool is designed to let parents supervise and control their teenager’s smartphone device activities as well.

According to Google, their previous feature proved to be a success with kids thus enabling them to launch one which would cater to teens as well.

The new tool lets parents block certain apps, find their location and has also added the ability to remotely lock their teenagers’ accounts on the app using Google Assistant.

For instance, parents can just say ‘Hey Google, lock John’s device,’ and teens will have a five-minute window to wind up what they were doing before their smartphone is turned off.

However, unlike the previous feature, this update enables consent. When the app is used for account holders above the age of 13, both parties have to provide consent before the supervision feature is turned on. It allows for greater freedom since parents are restricted from changing their teen’s devices or passwords like they can with the version for children under 13.

It even provides teenagers with the ability to override the controls, although a Google notification will be issued and alert the parents if they do. If teens turn off the feature, they will have to wait 24 hours until the phone is unlocked again.

Google family and kids director Paulo Golgher, in his statement said: “Over the coming days, we’ll make Family Link available to more families, on more devices, and in nearly every country in the world.”

Google has plans to soon expand this new update for more than just smartphones and the Family Link app will soon be available on Chrome books for both kids and teenagers. The app is currently only available on Android smartphones and iPhones.