Google Chrome crashing bug could have a solution

In recent times, Google Chrome users have had a few problems with it. We talked about a printing issue with it in a past article. You can read about it here. I’ve read about another one that said the app didn’t display the shortcut icons. Honestly, Google shouldn’t have such issues. Most of the developers’ community regards them as the top layer in this field. However, bugs and glitches are the norms in the tech world. I am yet to hear of a software or product that doesn’t have a bug or glitch. Hopefully, we’ll get there someday. Today we are going to focus on one particular problem that has found a workaround of sorts. Users are complaining that Chrome is crashing out while downloading files. What makes it worse is the fact that when you close and relaunch it the problem still remains.

We all know the go-to when we encounter a bug or glitch. Some of us may choose to smash the device against the wall but I find this to be too drastic a measure. The best course of action would be to share the problem on social media. Developers need user input so as to know what works and what doesn’t. So they often have a team monitoring what people are saying online. Here are some of the comments posted by users on the Google Chrome problem.

Very often after downloading a file, Chrome will crash and close itself forcing me to re-open the browser. The file will download and show the ring status on the bottom left, but once it completes, the downloaded file hangs for a bit and that causes Chrome to close.

Every time I download a pdf file Chrome crashes. It happens from various websites, such as google drive and iCloud. It only happens with pdf-files, word or ppt files cause no issue.
I already tried to ‘Restore settings to their original defaults’ and deleted all browsing data excepts for ‘passwords and other sign-in data’. Chrome and MacOS are up to date. Safari and Firefox are able to download PDFs without crashing.

Supposedly, there might be a workable solution. Like most problems, it started thanks to an update on Panda security. Uninstalling it may reverse the problem and take Google Chrome back to peek performance. But if you have come across another solution you can share it in the comments section to help the rest.