Google Chrome bookmarks automatically deleted

Google Chrome has been a good service to us for the longest time. Weirdly, I have never used any other client. It’s like I was programmed to function only using Google Chrome. But that’s an exaggeration, what I mean is it is my favorite. I have mad respect for the likes of Firefox and Opera Mini as well. However, they just aren’t my vibe. What will make it worse is when Google finally launches Google Stadia. Note that the new gaming platform will run on Chrome. However, there is always the black and white to life. By this I mean there is always the good and the bad side of something. Today with Chrome it’s that Google Chrome bookmarks are automatically being deleted. Bookmarks are quite important to some people, I included.

Google Chrome Bookmark problem

The above image shows a troubled user complaining about the bug. Apparently, one time they were there the next they weren’t. All the user did was switch off his laptop. Or are the bookmarks stored in the RAM these days? That would be a reasonable explanation, any other way is a bug or glitch. Google made it that users can access their bookmarks from any device as long as he or she is signed into the Google account.

When I discover a good site for tech articles I often bookmark it. My bookmarks must be quite many as things stand at the moment. I reckon most people save the tabs they use the most or the ones they discover and are scared to forget. Bookmarking a page is quite simple. The top right part of the chrome interface has a three dotted button that collapses to reveal a set of options. Under the bookmark option, you should see the bookmark this page button. By the way, I would advise you to bookmark this page. Because a lot more exciting news and updates are on the way.

Google Chrome bookmarks are very valuable to a lot of users. So before this bug hops on to more people, they should fix it. Furthermore, Google has a very good development team, this shouldn’t take them so long.

This problem seems to have resulted from a recent update. Apparently, after one update the application it clears out the bookmark storage. Even if you were signed into your Google account. Personally, this has not happened to me and I’m praying it doesn’t. Because I would hate to lose all my precious bookmarks.