Google and Facebook investing in Pakistan confirmed as real news

Fawad Chaudhry, Pakistan’s Federal Minister For Information and Broadcasting, informed the media that Google and Facebook would be investing in Pakistan. This will automatically develop the country’s IT infrastructure. If two of the world’s largest tech companies decided to renovate your home, can you imagine how it will look? I reckon the toilet will be able to speak. Maybe even the TV could be your personal assistant like Jarvis from Iron Man. If you haven’t watched Iron Man, we can’t be friends. The minister was speaking at a meeting of the Senate Standing Committee.

The chairman of the meeting was Senator Faisal Javed. Other members in attendance we Sabir Shah, Khushbakhat Shujaat among others. The topic of discussion was how the upcoming investment would help to groom the IT talent in the country. However, I reckon this won’t be immediate. It has to take time. Furthermore, before the companies establish a base I imagine 2020 will be upon us. They also discussed how the country has taken to foreign direct investment. All the companies that have decided on investing in Pakistan in the past have not had much problems. So it shouldn’t be much different for Google and Facebook.

Is investing in Pakistan a good move?

I would think so. Although we are still not sure which industries the companies are planning to focus on. If I was in Pakistan now I’d be bracing myself to apply for those jobs that are about to open up. I would like to think that the development of a country should be the happiness of all humanity. Some of us might feel bad because it wasn’t our countries that picked but it’s all in vain. In the end, we all are one. Investing in each other in a bid to grow should be our number one priority in fact. But that would happen only in a perfect world. A world that doesn’t exist.