Girls photos mysteriously end up in the weirdest places online

The internet can be used for as much harm as good. Since it was invented, a lot of the current technology trends have been build on it’s back. Companies that were quick to spot the opportunity earlier go the biggest chunks of meat. Take Google for example, they have somewhat monopolized the internet. I don’t think there’s something google doesn’t know about me. Heck they know even the job I do, my passwords, even the games I play. Trends such as social media wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the internet. Honestly, I can’t imagine a world without the internet at this point.

Even though the benefits we enjoy from the service are immense, there is still a dark side. The matter on pictures of women making their way into Reddit group chats has caused some buzz that we’ve picked up. Apparently, people have been posting pictures of girls that they are not just for discussion. Users go to the extent of asking for naked pictures from the girl in question. Now this is the dark side. This behavior sounds quite barbaric if you ask me. I mean, why would you post someone else’s picture in the first place. The fact that it is posted without the owner’s consent makes it even worse.

Is there a way to make the internet safer?

This vice has girls everywhere even afraid to post pictures. Take Instagram for example, this happens there more than it does on Reddit or anywhere else. If only we could enforce a sort of id on pictures. One that would enforce the functionality that only the owner of a photo can post it. This sounds easy in theory but thinking about it in depth would give me a headache.

There has been plenty of reports of people complaining about fake accounts. Accounts created by sick people out to torment others or pose as someone they aren’t. First of all, everyone should be proud of who they are. Such acts cause plenty of avoidable pain. Imagine finding your daughter’s picture being discussed by perverted old me, how would it feel? Terrible I know. Convey your thoughts and views in the comment section below.