Get your Instagram profile verified without any hassle

Social media platforms have become quite a number in the market – WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and the like. Instagram in particular is out topic today. First of all, if you don’t have an account open one. Personally, I think the social media revolution has done a lot of good. Socially and even economically. With the introduction of business profiles, marketing is also quite easy through these means. As is the culture of every society, there has to be an indication of VIP. This comes in form of having a verified Instagram profile. Verified accounts have a blue tick right beside the username. Being verified wins a lot of users’ trust and also helps gain followers.

Verification Process

Thankfully, it does not require any special expertise. Any user with an Android or iOS device can do it. In the past, one could get verified at a fee. But those days are gone, segregating a community in terms of wealth is always the wrong plan. Now, the application offers an easier way to apply for a verified Instagram profile. A way for anyone to apply.

Below are the steps to follow:

  • Launch the app on your device and navigate to the profile window.
  • On the top-right corner is a hamburger icon, click it to launch the settings.
  • Select the settings option.
  • There will be a request verification option you need to select.
  • Next will be the verification screen. Here they will need details such as your full name and a photo of your National ID card. Quite extra don’t you think?
  • Once all the fields are filled and the photo is successfully uploaded, click the send button.

Some people view having a verified Instagram profile as quite a social milestone. However, we have all heard the wise people say how fake social media is. Specialists have proven that it is a cause of depression for a lot of teenagers out here. I mean, who doesn’t want to be seen boarding a first class airline. In the end, there will always be two sides of a coin. In this case the bad and the good effects social media has on people, young and old. Having a verified account still sounds good to me though, have at it!