Galaxy S11 design could be different from the S10

The Galaxy Note 10 is what fans are looking forward to at the moment. Although there are reports suggesting that Samsung might release an extra device this year. So it might be too early to be talking about the Galaxy S11 design. However, when has it ever been too early for a leak. Yes, never! We had heard stories that Samsung was developing an under-display selfie camera. I was really looking forward to seeing it in the Galaxy S10 but this is not going to be possible. According to reports, the Galaxy S11 will feature the Infinity-O display. However, we can still expect a few tweaks here and there. For example, the punch hole will supposedly be smaller on the S11. The full-screen aspect will probably be seen in Note 11 or Galaxy S11.

Galaxy S11 design leaks are already starting to pop up

More good news is that the Galaxy S11 might feature a 5nm SoC. Development is already underway. The Galaxy S10 was launched in February this year, I reckon they will release the S11 at around the same time. The target is to launch it in the first half of the year. Some users have not been happy about the battery life of their devices. A common excuse is a processor using a lot of power to perform tasks. Let’s hope the Galaxy S11 chip will be optimized well enough for users to enjoy a longer battery life. Performance is also expected to improve. Reports have shown some doubt in Samsung being able to deliver this by February next year. Personally, I have faith that they will pull it off. But faith can only do so much.

Samsung devices often have different chipsets with regards to where they are. US-bound models are fitted with the Snapdragon chipsets from Qualcomm. The rest often come with the Exynos chipsets. It’s hard to tell which makes are better. However, performance is often quite the same. This is proven by the fact that sometimes the bugs troubling both models are the same.

Ice Universe recently informed us that there may be another device from Samsung this year. One that is intended to blow us away. We say this because Ice Universe described it as the most creative handset yet. Since creativity is very relative, I can’t imagine what their definition of creative is. There has been no official word from Samsung so far. Maybe instead of focusing on the Galaxy S11 design, we should be wondering what Ice Universe meant by this.