Galaxy S10’s hole in display proving quite hard to compete against

The only way to stay ahead of the competition is to always be current. Holding on to features of the past spells disaster every time. It’s like starting to sell 1980 Afros as the new trend, we’re all past that era. These days everyone wants Chris Brown haircuts. This is what I mean. By remaining current in terms of the technology they implement on their devices, the have and continue to gain a lot of followers.For example, who thought wireless charging could be possible this soon? I thought that was only for the movies. However, it seems we’re already in the future. Samsung’s Hole in display feature has taken away their notch quite gracefully.

The idea is original enough to pass for genius. It’s time to go forward, notches are a thing of the past. We also so Oppo do away with it and implement a full HD screen. Something I must say is absolutely gorgeous. Coupled with Oppo’s perfect display, this feature makes the device look very futuristic. Samsung gets the idea. The hole in display idea looks to be risky because of how big their notch was but I’d say it’s a step in the right direction. I appreciate progress, and this is progress.

How is the Samsung community taking to the hole in display idea?

Personally, I tend to think that the bigger the field of view, the better the experience. The same way you’d rather play FIFA on a large screen to the small one you have at home. By this I don’t mean I enjoy tablets. I mean I really enjoy a device that lacks the notch convention. To me the notch era is over. Why Apple still clings to it I don’t know. You’d think Apple would have come up with their own design seeing that they have so much resources. Those guys can do almost anything, but choose not to. I find this quite hard to understand. Well, at least we have Samsung to lead the pack into the future. I hope the other companies view this as a challenge.