Galaxy S10+ with Hole Punch vs iPhone XS Max with Notch

2019 promises to be a very competitive year in the phone industry. Every company is planning how to take the world by storm with new cutting-edge technology. However, Samsung looks to stand out like it has time and time again in the past. Recent reports show picture of a phone with a camera cut out. Since the release day is quite close, this is as close to the truth as we can get. The new style is called the infinity-O display. The Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ will probably be the first to implement this new design.

The Galaxy S10+ will not resemble the S10 completely due to the difference in hole size. The S10+ will have a wider hole, maybe as a way of showing superiority. The Apple community has a wide array of leakers, this is good and bad at the same time since they keep users excited about upcoming technology. Among them is Ben Geskin, one of the most notorious leakers in the business. He recently shared a photo of the phone on twitter Beside the Galaxy S10+ is the iPhone XS Max.

Being Samsung’s biggest competitor, Apple will do well to be on toes. They saw the end of a long year in terms of sales in Asia. Although the device specifications on the iPhone XS Max were brilliant. Ben Geskin’s picture of the two phones side by side makes one wonder which design is better. The Galaxy S10+ has really good hardware but so does the iPhone. The iPhone XS Max looks to be a little bigger than the Galaxy S10+. Personally, I dislike big phones. I like a phone I can fit perfectly in my pocket without worrying about pick pockets every two minutes. We all know how pick pockets are real in the society, you just blink and your phone is gone.

Which design however do you prefer? The old notch technology that Apple has perfected, or the new hole display that Samsung has introduced? Feel free to leave a comment expressing your choice.