Galaxy S10 wallpapers leak into the internet as release date draws closer

Samsung has been at it for a good number of years now. In those years they have picked up a very huge following. The Korean based company’s flagships are always cutting-edge every year. Like last year, the Samsung Galaxy S9 received a lot of good reviews. However, there will never miss a few that will critic. Some users say that they release too many devices and don’t really change a lot in the new releases. Well, if you compare the Note 9 and the Galaxy S9 there is some conspicuous differences. So the claim is hard to back. Samsung is set to release this year’s flagships very soon. In light of this, Galaxy S10 wallpapers have leaked on to the internet. Here is a link to a page where you can download them.

I don’t know how these people do it, but they always seem so motivated. Is it that they buy information from the developers? This seems like the only viable way to get Galaxy S10 wallpapers. Samsung is set to release the device in a few days. But still fans are scraping for leaks anywhere they can. Over the past few months, we have posted reports of plenty of patents describing what might be on this device.

What’s special about the Galaxy S10 wallpapers?

There’s nothing really special about the wallpapers. All I can say they look quite colorful. I could have told you these were for a Samsung device even if I didn’t know. Samsung devices are flooded in the market. I have plenty of friends that have Samsung devices and whenever I ask why they prefer Samsung they don’t have that much to say. I on the other hand can tell you for free that Samsung seems to support the rich customer more. Their low-end devices have fallen victim to a lot of negative reviews.

Not to reign in on their parade, I really hope the device they release is something to write home about. Some fans may be angry they aren’t getting 5G enabled devices but who knows, they just might shock us on D-day.