Galaxy S10 replacement screen protector

Screen protectors can be real lifesavers if installed correctly. We are all clumsy sometimes, meaning we will fall our devices once or twice. The worst feeling is when you pick it up and see a crack across the face of the screen. This has happened to me and I can tell you for free that it is not a good feeling. Even phones like the Samsung Galaxy S10 can crack if they a fallen at certain angles. Even though they boast of having the most durable hardware. Recently, we posted about a drop test the Galaxy S10 plus lost to the iPhone XS Max. Having being released just this year, I really thought that Samsung would best its opponent. How wrong I was. The topic of discussion today is the Galaxy S10 replacement screen protector. Users seem to be complaining about it a lot.

Galaxy S10 replacement screen protector having issues

The thing about screen protectors is that they have to be an exact fit. If it isn’t then the device will just look weird. Like it has two screens, a smaller one on top of a bigger one. The Galaxy S10 even has a curve that makes small screen protectors stand out even more. Even before the device was launched, there was a lot of talk about the punch hole technology. Since it sounded like something very alien at the time, it excited a lot of people. But when videos if the screen protector came out, users were unimpressed. Galaxy S10 replacement screen protector comes after a user has complained about the one that came with the device. Most people don’t like the first one because of the cut-out.

And also some of them have reported problems with size. Some screen protectors even have a space for the notch. An idea that was proudly phased out. Is it not Samsung that is developing the screen protectors? Because it doesn’t make much sense that they would have problems. Testing is a very important part of product development. I don’t believe that a rational human being can sell something that was not tested. To me, it makes no sense. But looking at the matter we have in our hands here, it seems quite normal to Samsung or whoever is making the screen protectors.

Personally, I believe that if a product is not quality I’d rather stay without it. So Samsung needs to do something about this problem, fast.