Galaxy S10 Plus vs Galaxy Note 9

Samsung just recently released their 2019 devices this week. The devices that were on the line up was the Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S10e and the Samsung Galaxy S10 plus. Fans have really been waiting for these devices to finally hit markets. Concepts compiled by different designers had brought their hopes up. Did the Samsung Galaxy S10 disappoint? Let’s give it a few more weeks in the market before we can properly judge it. Culturally, Samsung is used to releasing their note version of their flagship later in the year. Most times, the note is usually a bit better in terms of specifications. So today we’ll compare the Note version of the Samsung Galaxy S9 to the new player in town.

There exists some similarities between the two devices since they are only months apart. In that short time, technology hasn’t really moved that far. For one, they both have a curved screen. Fans have always appreciated this feature so it is no surprise that they retained it on the new release. Metallic back and rear camera arrangement is also a feature the two have in common. However, the differences seem to overlay the similarities. For example, the Note 9 had bezels above and below the screen, this is not the case with the Samsung Galaxy S10 plus. Instead, it has just one bezel at the top and a cut-out for the dual lens front facing camera.

The Note 9 boasted of having their fingerprint scanner at the back of the device. This feature looks so much like yesterdays news considering how many devices have better versions of it. However, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus came to the rescue in this aspect by incorporating it into the screen. The AMOLED display was thought to be quite the feature but it seems people had forgotten the Note 9 also had this feature. The only difference comes in the aspect ratio. The Galaxy S10 plus has 19:9 while the Note 9 has 18.5:9. Again the difference is quite minor but I bet it makes a difference.