Galaxy S10 in Red Color still looks as sleek as ever

The Galaxy S10 has had a lot of bumps on the road this year. A lot of users have complained about the bugs that are pestering them. So it’s time for some good news. Samsung launched the device in a variety of colors. According to reports, a new red color will be hitting the markets. Customized phones have started becoming the norm. We recently posted about the Galaxy Fold Game of Thrones edition. However, these customized phones are often more expensive than the normal device. There is a white Galaxy S10 that is an Olympic Games Edition. The device will have the Tokyo 2020 logo at the back. Even without customization, the device still looks cool. But we all know that there people in this world that like to be extra. And the Galaxy S10 in red suits some of them.

Galaxy S10 in red could raise sales

Personally, red is not my favorite color. I’m more than comfortable with just the black design. But the Galaxy S10 in red surfacing online has brought some attention to the device. Huawei must be so jealous. Google kicking them out has taken them a lot of steps back. They have to launch their own OS now. Something that should take a long time so as to be done properly, Huawei is forced to do immediately. Will they rise up to the challenge or crumble under the pressure? Take Android, for example, it has taken them quite a long time for them to get where they are now. It seems very unlogical that Huawei can just start today and immediately be on the same level. But we’ll have to wait and see.

This new red design to the Galaxy S10 is calm in a storm that has been raging since February. Users are often very angry when something doesn’t work the way it is supposed to work. Most of the problems to the device has been because of the new punch hole design. Apparently, they failed to incorporate the sensors needed at the front properly. Let’s hope they will solve all the problems. Updates have been rolled out to the devices and some problems have been fixed. However, we know too well that sometimes updates could give rise to more bugs. We should all be used to this cycle. Reliability is measured by how fast a system can recover from bugs, so far Samsung is not doing too bad. Let’s see how users will react to the Galaxy S10 in red. Feel free to share your comments in the section below.