Galaxy S10 face unlock hack comes out to the delight of Apple users

One thing to appreciate in iPhone devices is the Face ID feature. We’re all used to the traditional password means, something that has been thrown into the past. Other means of locking and unlocking your phone are constantly coming up. If you have come across the fingerprint scanner then you know what I’m talking about. However, it may not really be very efficient on some devices but the idea is brilliant. Today we talk about the Galaxy S10 face unlock hack. It’s sad to say how poor Samsung’s Face unlock is. Just when we thought they were so much ahead.

The Face ID on Apple devices has received nothing but positive reviews. Renown hackers were pitted against the feature but no one was able to bypass the security. Samsung, on the other hand, has really disappointed users in this sector. Yes, they have introduced the new punched hole design that looks so slick. We gave them credit for that in a couple of previous articles. Today we are here to expose flaws in their code. Truly it is as they say down in Africa ‘Every village has a mad man‘. In this context, Samsung is the village and the madman is this hack users have discovered.

What you need to know about the Galaxy S10 face unlock hack

The hack is quite simple really. There is no use of gadgets or software of any kind. All we need is a video of the owners face. Can you believe that someone can unlock your device that easily? An attacker could source a video from your social media and deploy the mission. Remember how you post things on social media without thinking about such repercussions? Yes? Next time remember to think for a second before hitting that post button. I feel like we give away too much of our information just like that. Any smart individual should know that they should abstract a few details. We’ve provided a video below as solid proof of our story.