Galaxy S10 alarm not going off if device is restarted

Technology is taking away the use of a lot of gadgets. For example, few people wear watches these days. If they do, it is probably for fashion and not really for telling time. This is because the phone has a digital clock that’s much easier to read and calibrate. The analog watches of the past are somewhat harder to read and one can’t be sure if it’s telling the right time. With smartphones, data connection syncs it with the world clock according to the longitude. This way one is always sure that the time is correct. No longer will the user suffer from being thirty minutes behind or ahead as is the tradition with analog watches. The Galaxy S10 alarm seems to have a bug since it doesn’t go off if the device is restarted.

Galaxy S10 alarm glitch making users miss work and appointments

I find this quite queer since my respect for Samsung makes me view this as very petty. The proximity issue we were talking about in the recent past was way more reasonable. Could it be that Samsung rushed the development of the device? How else can they explain all these bugs and glitches arising? Maybe they should slow down on their development. With the Galaxy S10 5G set to be launched this month, this is a very unlikely event. The Korean based company has been known to release approximately four devices a year. This year rumors suggest that they might even be more. Furthermore, bugs and glitches can be fixed through updates. This is funny because the Galaxy S10 alarm glitch came as a result of an update. In the beginning, it worked perfectly well.

Alarms are really important to the average civilian. It has been this way since the first alarm clock was developed. Naturally, humans love to sleep. Few have the strength to just wake up on their own, hence the alarm functionality was brought to smartphones. It’s sad that the Galaxy S10 alarm had to be the one to be affected. As things stand, I wouldn’t advise anyone to buy a new gadget from Samsung. By new I mean a flagship that has just been released. For example the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 5G that’s set to hit markets this month. Personally, I would rather sit back and watch how it will perform on the market. If it comes with any glitches, which is highly unlikely, I would rather wait for the fix updates then join the time when the skies are clear.