Galaxy Note 9 update gives rise to Bluetooth glitch

There’s a variety of ways to go about the software development process. However, it depends on whether it’s a generic product or one for sale. To keep up with user requirements software developers often use the agile development process. Other dynamics such as the waterfall model cannot handle the dynamic nature of some products. Samsung is a good example of a company that needs to use the agile process. This is because to solve all the bugs that keep arising, they need to be very dynamic. Recently new issues have arisen on the Galaxy devices as the older models were upgraded to One UI. We mentioned how good the One UI was implemented in a past article. The Galaxy Note 9 update, in particular, has brought about issues with Bluetooth connectivity. Apparently, it keeps automatically disconnecting.

Can you imagine hanging out with your friends then the music keeps breaking up? No one would enjoy it. A user complained that neither his or his wife’s phone continuously connected to their home system. Now they can’t enjoy music while going about their day, or night. Very sad, Samsung should do something about it.

It seems such issues are starting to become quite common. We recently heard about the Android Auto behaving weirdly with Google Play Music. If you are not aware of the story, you can read about it here. The Galaxy Note 9 update did not come with just that one issue, the camera is also a problem. Apparently, the focus feature has a problem since the new update was installed. We know that updates can go sideways like this sometimes. But I’m starting to feel like Samsung doesn’t spend enough time testing their products. If they did, the Galaxy S10 wouldn’t have half the bugs it does now. The main cause of most of its problems is the new punch hole design.

Before they implemented the design, thorough testing should have been done. Or did they still release the device knowing it has bugs? If they did they are a very confident lot then. Although it is a matter of fact that no tech lacks bugs here and there occasionally. The Face ID feature Samsung attempted to implement backfired on them. Supposedly the Face ID can be hacked with a video of the users face. Quite mediocre if you ask me. But before we move to such heavy matters, let’s first hope they deal with the Galaxy Note 9 update.