Galaxy Note 10 to launch with a ‘Pro’ tag [REPORT]

Samsung has been doing very well for itself in recent times. Releasing the Galaxy S10 before anyone got a chance to flagship any devices was a bold move. It was a show of strength. Now everyone knows that they don’t need to copy anyone. In fact, the opposite has begun to happen. When Samsung took away their notch it became a trend. The look of the wallpapers is what syked people towards buying the devices. Honestly, the punch hole design is brilliant. Whether we will see it in the supposed Galaxy Note 10 Pro is still up for debate.

Suddenly everyone wants Apple to remove their notch, why? The competition is real that’s why. It has become an unspoken law that Samsung will release two flagships every year. In the name of the S series and the Note series. This has worked very well for their sales because they are able to stay relevant and keep up with trends. Or rather, set them. In the past, Samsung has made itself familiar with the plus notation meaning an improvement of the previous version. This year there have been reports of this changing. The Galaxy Note 10 Pro name has made way into the media and fans can’t wait for an official reply from the company. Because only then is it for sure.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 has suffered a bit in the market because of unforeseen problems that came with taking away the notch. Actually, this has been thought to be Apple’s excuse for keeping the notch. Face ID in Samsung is quite poor, very poor to say the truth. The fact that your device can be opened with a mere video of you is enough to prove it. We actually even posted an article about it. Apple’s Face ID is way better because of the sensors it keeps beneath the notch. So if Samsung doesn’t have a way to incorporate the sensors in the screen they better just bring it back. Because ultimately it will lead to people choosing iPhone devices over theirs. Although most users find iPhone devices to be overpriced.

The Galaxy Note 10 Pro is set to have an integration of all that is good in the 2019 flagships. Will we see 5G incorporated? 5G network capability is hot in the market right now. I am sure any devices offering it will sell like hotcakes. The project rests on service providers improving their hardware as well, I hope we see it happen soon.