Galaxy Note 10 already causing ripples in the industry as leaks surface

Samsung isn’t here to play this year, they want to win. Since the CES 2019, it has been clear that Samsung is leading the race so far. Furthermore, they just dropped their first flagship devices last week. I am yet to see anyone with the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 plus of Galaxy S10e. The company has promised users the coming of 5G with a later release called Galaxy S10 5G. Quite an uncreative name if you ask me however. I mean, why not finally drop the Galaxy altogether and start a new series. But let me not judge, I’m sure someone on their board thought about it. The Galaxy Note 10 is set to be released during the summer.

A peek into the future with the Galaxy Note 10 rumored specs

As we all know, Samsung releases two flagship series in a calendar year. The first this year was the Galaxy S10 series, the one to follow is the Galaxy Note 10. I’m sure lovers of Samsung are already trying to imagine how it will look, hence the leaks. In my experience, their cameras are usually top notch. Speaking of camera, there has been rumors that the Galaxy S10 5G will implement a new camera system. One that makes use of four lenses, this has been a theory for the Galaxy Note 10 as well. I wouldn’t be surprised, although the resolution and the focus ability will be out of this world.

It’s still the early days for last week’s releases so we can’t exactly tell which feature was a fail and which one succeeded. The way to tell which feature was more appreciated is to check the sales for the three devices. Since they each have at least one unique feature, we will be able to tell what users loved. However, I can tell you for free that it will be the Galaxy S10 plus. The improvement in battery power will really be appreciated. They should carry this on to the Galaxy Note 10. Before we jump to conclusions, let us wait for the numbers to come in.